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About Us

KB ENTERPRISE(HK)CO.,LTD established since August 9, 1994 Capital: HKD 15.3 million as a subsidiary of Kobayashi & Co.,Ltd.


Our company based in Hong Kong, we have employees stationed at our subcontract factory in China, conducts high-quality control, and sells plastic products to Japan and other Southeast Asian countries.


Representative items including combs, toothbrush , shower caps for hotel amenities, plastic bags, paper bags, sewing bags, cooler bags for packaging products, 3D engraving crystal, rubber key chains, PVC coasters for gift item and promotional item. We handle a wide range of products, including eco-friendly products.



Our company established KB ENTERPRISE (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. in Huizhou in July 2007, which is exclusively produced by Kobayashi Corporation of Japan, the developed plastic paste is collectively call,It is used for industrial parts (automobiles,electronics,electronic equipment), light industrial materials, building materials, medical use, groceries, toys.


In addition to KOBASOL, Huizhou factory has also developed KB-PU polyurethane and KB epoxy resin, combined with Japanese production technology and production process, to provide customers with high-quality and multi-purpose products, to seek steady overseas development, and to strengthen the supply system of KOBASOL for the world market.